{IKEA HACK} Toddler Alphabet Magnet Board

As we get closer to D-day I am actually having to get all of these Thrifty Thursday DIY plans accomplished. I put together my DIY toddler bedroom plan of action and we are very close to having it complete! The magnet board idea had me very excited, i love anything interactive and educational. So while on a hunt for a new curtain rod for the boy's bedroom i stumbled upon the SPONTAN at IKEA - bam a magnet board ready to hang and the price was unbeatable!

My only issue was the look of it. Sorry IKEA, but that just does't fit with the adorable vibe I am going for in my toddler's room. IKEA themselves even offer a hack right there in store to help cute-fiy this item! Anyway, I make frames right? so the simple solution here was make a custom frame that fits the room! and SHAZAM we had a new and improved magnet board! It took no time at all for the boy to jump on it and start working his ABC's! I would say that is success! 


So there it is! better than simply covering your board in fabric! Although you could do that too! Add a frame and actually see the new vibe this piece gives off! Check out our DIY Framing post for ideas on how to create a custom frame for it yourself, or DIY the easy way and order this frame right here! When the frame arrives you simply pop the magnet board right in the opening and it is ready to hang! 

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