Caring for your Snap Point Picture Frame
It is not recommended to stack or store trims directly on top of one another. The magnets embedded in each piece are very powerful and can cause damage to the painted finish. We suggest storing your extra trims with a layer of cardboard in between them or better yet, make use of them, and display photos on your fridge or any other magnetic surface you have in your home!

If your Snap Point frame gets scratched or scuffed we recommended to first try to rub it out with your finger tip. The Frames have a protective wax coating that in most cases scuffs can simply be buffed out. If that does not work try to buff it out with a damp cloth or a magic eraser sponge. 

A magnet came out of my snap point frame! What do I do?
Oh no! We know this is a terrible thing and not to worry, we will take care of it! Luckily this very rarely happens, but if it does simply send us an email at tell us about the issue, and include a photo of the broken part(s). We will repair or replace any snap point items that lose their magnets. 

The best way to keep your Snap Point magnets intact as long is possible is to slide the trim off of the base rather than pull it off. This will reduce the amount of pull on the magnets and will keep your frame intact longer. 

Why is shipping so expensive? 
It isn't anymore! We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders within the contiguous United States

Orders from Alaska, Hawaii and abroad email us at for a shipping quote upon ordering.

Why does it take so long for items to ship? 
We do our very best to get items shipped out to you as quickly as possible. All of our items are custom made to order. Each piece is individually handcrafted, painted and distressed with love. When ordering please allow up to 14 business days for your order to be shipped. In most cases items will ship out faster. 
*High volume and custom orders will be notified if ship times will exceed 14 business days. 



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