We have a number of options when it comes to creating your very own custom picture frame. 

We offer  10 basic shapes to work with (of course if you have something else in mind you can always hit us with a custom order request and we will work with you on creating a custom piece. 

Or check out our virtual frame designer, this is literally the EASIEST way to really play around with your design ideas. Experiment with the different shape and color options we have to offer. We recommend using this tool for all of your framing needs,  because it will really let you visualize your ideas.

If you decide to choose a different size, a traditional open back frame, to add a print, or any other modifications, we can do all of those things! Just send us a custom order request! The frame designer will help guide you in color coordinating, choosing the right shape and visualizing what your photo will look like in that frame or a similar frame. 


Add a little flair to your frame by changing the inside shape too!  We can cut all frames and trims with an inner shape! No need to be a square! unless that's what you're into ;)

 You can mix and match our frame shapes, create stacked frames or make a traditional styles open backs with cool inner shapes!

Our frames are totally customizable! So hit us with your best shot and lets start designing! Check out the shop for design inspirations, or make your own inspirations

Once you have your frame shape(s) down we can dive into COLOR!
Check out our color options here, or send us a custom order request so we can create something just for you! We offer color matching and other basic frame customizations at no extra charge.