Pretty in Pink - Perfectly Pink Home Decor

As anyone would expect,  I have had just a little bit of pink fever lately! ...Okay, it has been a lot of pink!

I am having so much fun getting in touch with my girly side and so looking forward to having some extra estrogen in the house! Now I will never be the lady with a fully pink powder room, that is just not my style, but I can totally get down with some fun pink accent pieces! A pop of a bold color can really liven up a space. And a bold color like magenta or hot pink can add that flavor and a elegant feminine touch. 

Here are some of my favorite pink pieces I've stumbled upon now that the pearly pink gates have opened! I have a feeling you will see some in our upcoming nursery redesign. 

Whether you have a girls room in your home or not, there is always a place for a little pink! 


Frames Pictured
Top Left

4x6" Pair Pink & Magenta Frames - Traditional Rectangle with Specialty Orchid Trim

Snap Point Picture Frame - Orchid Base in Pink with Peony Trim (Square Photo Opening) in Magenta


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