Mission Complete: Converting A Blue Nursery into a Pink

Mission Accomplished! If you have been following us throughout 2014 you already know we gave birth to a beautiful little girl this year! With this wonderful new addition came many changes and renovations within our home, from the office (which isn't even close to done!), the toddler room, the guestroom and the most important being her nursery!

Our first step in getting the nursery girlified was to evict our 3 year old son from the crib. Yes, he was a very happy 40 pounder sleeping in a crib! Why would I take him out of the crib if he liked it in there, right? 
Anyway, the next blog post to come will be about his awesome jungle themed toddler bedroom. You can check out our game plan here if you need a refresher, we made some quick and easy changes to update his room and actually stayed on budget!  

Being pregnant with a toddler at home and running a business left little to no time to get into baby mode! OK, it actually left no time at all. I will admit I didn't even start buying her clothes until week 38! Talk about a difference from baby #1 to baby #2! 

But the one thing I did do early on was figure out the plans for the nursery. With very limited time and limited funds for the project (oh and that pesky toddler still living in there!) I came up with a game plan to get this done as simply as possible, minimal work and minimal spending were key!

So the first step in any creative project these days is to hit the Pinterest boards. Collecting all my favorite ideas in one place and then narrowing them down later. And from there came the game plan to turn my blue nursery into a perfectly pink nursery using as little time and money as possible.

Check out the plan to turn our blue nursery into a pink one!

The plan was pretty simple, to use everything existing in there, switch up the bedding and curtains, paint an accent wall and of course add some new picture frames to bring it all together! Simple enough, right?! Unlike more pinterest projects, it actually was! 

We started with this baby blue and white jungle themed nursery.


Transformed into a Coral, Navy and Blue Nursery fit for a Princess!
Now it looks like a huge difference but it was really accomplished very quickly!

To break the room down, the most time consuming and expensive part was the bedding. Now if you are lucky like we are, you have a mother that can sew like... like a mother! If you aren't lucky like this I recommend making friends with some old ladies at your local quilting circle and using your charm to convince one of them to help you create custom bedding! The bedding definitely makes the room, and there is nothing better than having something custom made to look exactly how you like it! Plus if your first born was a beaver, and destroyed the crib by literally eating it 0 a custom made teething cover is a definite must for baby #2's room. It definitely saves the time of refinishing the crib and the money of buying a new one. 

So the bedding was handmade but my wonderful mother. Thanks Mom! XO I selected the fabrics and we brainstormed the best placements for them. This was a bit of a tricky task seeing as we used 5 different PRINTED fabrics. I would say as a general rule using that many different prints in one space is 99% of the time a terrible idea, but I think in this case it worked out. Let us know in the comments if you agree! 

The other part of the room that took a serious amount of effort was the accent wall. This came straight off of the my brainstorm board and the entire room was pretty much designed around it. The overall painting of that wall took less than 3 hours (spaced out) to accomplish! The longest portion of it was taping the actual design off, other than that it was just painting and peeling tape! And because we only painted one accent wall we only needed a quart of paint.

Top Left: Lotus Frame Base in Cream with Orchid Trim Square Opening in Blue. Top Right: Orchid Frame Base in Navy with Lotus Trim in Cream. Bottom Right: Orchid Frame Base in Navy with Peony Trim in Pink. Bottom Left: Lotus Frame Base in Cream with Rosey Trim in Pink

Of course we selected some Snap Point Picture Frames to go in Miss Fiona's new room. It took all of 5 seconds to frame the pictures and it will take 5 seconds to update the photos next week when I pick my new favorite pictures out of the 5,462 shots I will take of her this week. #proudmama

I wish we would have invented these frames back when we had our first because it dawned on me how redecorating could have been even more simple! Picture this: On top are a couple frame bases I would have used in my son's nursery - using a white, blue and navy color scheme. Now for my daughter's arrival, rather than buying all new frames for her room, with Snap Point frames I can simply get new trims in pink, new photos, SNAP SNAP, and voila! $20 later (two trims) Those frames fit the new room! Now that is the definition of cost effective redecoration! And also the definition of the easiest way to frame photos ever. Show us an easier way to frame a photo, we want to see it!

This is also why I always recommend our neutral frame bases, color is always fun, but our neutrals (Black, Cream, Navy, Gray & Brown) are timeless and will never go out of style. They will go with anyone's home decor and they coordinate with just about any trim color too. Think of your frame base as a part of the family and trims are just new accessories! 

Introducing Miss Fiona

Introducing Miss Fiona

Overall I think our nursery overhaul was a complete success. A few simple touches, an immensely talented Oma, and some ridiculously adorable custom shape wood picture frames is all it took to turn this boyishly blue nursery into a room fit for a gorgeous girl!