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The Colors Duke! The Colors!

There are way too many places to begin with color. This is probably why they teach college courses about color. I know to most, those courses sound insane, I am pretty sure my father thought it was nuts when he funded nearly 2 years of courses that theorized over it. I mean once you know how to mix 'em what else is there?

I will try not to bore you here for too long, but I studied color for over 2 years in several courses that covered the sometimes tedious but overall most underlying important topics in art. Art school makes you learn a lot about boring crap that you think you know already. But they do force you to dig deeper into the topics and learn the history, its purpose, how it works, why it works, the effects of it, how to apply these ideas using modern methods, yadda yadda yadda. The list is never-ending in the art world and like in most art related topics, there are endless answers and ways of looking at things. 

So to start things off by confusing you, there is really no wrong answer with color and there is no wrong color for your picture frames. There are however, different effects and emotions that can be evoked by choosing certain colors and certain color combinations. Many of which can be unappealing or evoke sadness or vomiting - which to some could be interpreted as a wrong answer especially when selecting colors to go in your home. And you can choose colors that will not compliment the photos you are displaying. But just the same, you can choose colors that will utterly enhance your artwork, your home decor and the overall ambiance of your home!

When you think of the spectrum of colors that are used within homes, the many shades of poo brown and booger green that you would typically say 'no' to are actually quite popular in home decor and look fabulous just the same. Now finding the perfect colors to combine with the more popular term, 'earth tones', is the challenge! 

When choosing colors for picture frames and wall decor we typically have two suggestions that lie on either end of the spectrum. Once you give us an idea of where your taste lies we can better help design the perfect picture frames for you. 

If you want your pieces to really highlight and pop out from the room try choosing a bright color or complimentary colors. If you prefer things to be more monochromatic and blend with the rest of your decor we try to match colors using the color scheme you already have in play. Now there is wiggle room in the middle there too! You can choose subtle color highlights and add muted color patterns, etc. The options are endless, but once we know what style you are really looking to get out of you picture frames, it helps us custom design frames that will better suit you. 

Don't know where to start? Try messing around with some of our favorite online color tools:

follow us on pinterest and checkout our favorite color schemes and trending colors for the season:

With all these tools at our fingertips it makes it super easy to explore color, test combinations out and make better decisions when choosing colors for your picture frames and everything else in your life. Mister Leonardo Davinci would surely be jealous of us! 

Think Outside The Frame

There are so many things you can do with picture frames. They don't have to be your standard run of the mill hang on the wall sort of thing. Thistle & Poppy picture frames aren't standard because there are so many sassy shapes and styles, but there are many other uses for picture frames too! Even your most plain jane picture frame can be used for something out of the ordinary. 

We have been working on a number of different client picture frames that are intended for "untraditional" uses. We worked our buns off the past few weeks on some enormous frames for a wedding. Both frames will be used to display signage in the reception hall. The bride also had us make a custom shaped 'here comes the bride' sign for the ring bearer to carry. We never would have thought picture frames and weddings went together other than as gifts. But this appears to be a happening thing! We've even had frames used as place cards at weddings and bridal showers. The picture frames are displayed on tiny tiny little easels with each persons name on them - how cute! Tiny frames are also great wedding favors! Haven't you had enough of lame wedding gifts? Give your guests something they actually want to keep and can actually use! We've also made hanging specialty frames for the bride and grooms chairs. 

On another note, obviously we've made frames for photographers, but some of our professional photographer clients have actually been using our picture frames as props. We've seen 'em in children's portraits in which the kids hold frames nearly the size of them. It adds a very cool visual element to the photo and looks totally rad when framed in a coordinating picture frame. Our custom shape frames with specialty inserts are also popular among wedding photographers. Since we can print a phrase on wood and then frame it, photographers are loving that they can customize their props specifically for their clients. Our clients often purchase the hanging frames for both the bride and groom to hold for some of their wedding portraits. 

And by the way, you don't always have to frame pictures in frames. Mirrors, buillten boards, dry erase boards, random household items - anything! frame it all. Fancify those boring everyday items! 

Coming soon, Thistle & Poppy dry erase boards! And you can believe that it will not be your typical white board. Expect something totally gorgeous!


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