thistle & Poppy

You Know How We Do

well you will in a hot minute at least! Check out this video, and see our CNC machine in action.

it has been too quiet around here...

Wonderful thistle & poppy lovers,
we are sorry to leave you without picture framing tidbits and general awesomeness for so long! It has been, to say the least, one of our busiest weeks ever! so yay for us... but not so much for you if you enjoy following my grammarless ramblings. 
I will have much to fill you in on throughout the week! especially some sneak peaks of some awesome new custom products! We love trying new things, but it's super fun when new things come out totally rad! so again YAY for us! not so much for you because you will have to wait until tomorrow to find out more. (boo hiss, i know - but im hitting the sack, so tough noogies)
We do have some news for you! We have just launched our profile on!
We would so appreciate if our customers would giddy up on over thurr and write us some rave reviews! Please and Thank Yous to all!


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