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Picture Perfect Printed Picture Frames

We make picture frames of so many sizes, shapes, and colors it can get overwhelming. So in the next few blogs we are going to break it down to make designing creative picture frames easier. 

Starting with one of our unique features many other framing companies do not offer - PRINTS! Adding prints to a frame is rather uncommon. You have seen many of the old school traditional frames with gold leafing and crazy awesome mill work, but lets face it, as beautiful as those frames can be they are incredibly expensive and if you don't live in the Taj Mahal then they most likely don't fit with your decor. What you want is something that fits your home just right but also has that flare that represents your personality.

We have a ton of prints available in our shop and all of those prints can be used with your choice of custom color, size and shape frame. If we don't have a print you are looking for, let us know. We have the ability to cut stencils of any pattern. You can send us a picture and we can make it a print and put it on your frame! Pretty fancy! 

Choosing a print doesn't have to be difficult. What do you like? If the print is most important to you choose that first! The frame can be designed around the print so everything fits together. Simple trims often pair well with 'louder' prints. But if you want to have all the bells and whistles use muted colors. A loud print won't appear so loud if the colors are in the same family. Adding contrast between the two will give that va va voom and really make the print pop out. 

Choose a print that suits your home decor. If you are hip with the times a chevron print is so hot right now and will definitely suit your fancy. If you like that traditional look a damask gives that fancy gold leaf feeling. Or choose a more geometric print with a moroccan or nagoya pattern. A timeless favorite is stripes, and you can even get fancy with those. Choose different color stripes or different widths, both will add a different dynamic to your frame. 

There are too many fun options when it comes to prints! No wonder it is so overwhelming! And we haven't even started discussing the endless color options!


New Photo Ornaments Available in the Shop!

We are very excited to share our newest frame shape! Our Christmas star picture frame ornaments are now available in the shop! We have them listed in 7 color options - Gold, Silver, Red, Green, White, Cream & Black. But as always we can customize them for you! If you have a color in mind that will go with your Christmas decor let us know - We color match! 

Come by and check out all of our Photo Ornaments. We have 3 shapes currently available and all of them are on sale!! 50% off all photo ornaments! Photo ornaments make great gifts for grandma, the teacher, ornament exchanges. But be sure to keep one for yourself too!


Well I guess an introduction is in order…

Well I guess an introduction is in order…

Thistle & Poppy is not your typical frame shop, although we can do traditional framing and matting, we have the ability to do so much more here. At Thistle & Poppy you have the ability to create nearly any shape frame - or really any shaped anything! As long as you want it made from wood, chances are we can make it! We have a variety of frame styles and other home decor available in our shop.  If you do not see exactly what you are looking for send us a message asap! We specialize in creating custom items just for our customers. There is truly nothing better than bringing someone's vision to life and we love love LOVE doing it! Check out our designs in the shop or use them as a launching pad to help us design something unique for you!

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