A Lesson in Artwork: Choosing the Right Decor For Your Bedroom


In the movie The Break Up, Jennifer Aniston's character works in a gallery and advises a potential buyer to "never buy a piece of art you don't have to have." I couldn't agree more, and despite studying art a little, the pieces I have to have in my home are few and far between.  When it comes down to it, I like a lot, but I rarely LOVE.

Because of this, finding something to put above my husband's and my bed was a challenge.  I wanted something inviting. Cozy. Soft and soothing.  And not too feminine. (It is his bedroom too, after all!) With the cool blues we had, I found some floral canvases that would've looked great, but I never found anything that felt perfect. I didn't want something hung just because I liked it; I wanted to be drawn to it, especially if it was going to be such an important focal point. 

I began to think about what I wanted represented there, and went in a more symbolic direction.  It was our space. Intimate. Where we lay down every night, together. A comforting sanctuary to feel connected.  And then I thought about when we officially became a family, and possibly using something from our wedding. Not pictures of ourselves, but maybe our vows... Why not hang our vows? The idea stuck. Nothing would be more personal, and nothing felt more right. 

I'll spare you the first version of what went up on our wall as I painted the canvases myself. While they were far from what I really wanted, they did the trick for a while.  And my sweet husband even said he liked them. But honestly, what we both loved was what they meant to us, which is all that really mattered. Eventually, I splurged and had this professional version made--our promises to each other, hand painted on wood.  A memento from our life and how far we've come since we spoke those words; a happy reminder as we retreat into our space each night. 

And I do still look at them every time I walk into our bedroom, or even by it, for that matter. I can't help it; they're so meaningful. (And friends often notice too!) Maybe most importantly though, is what I'll always remember from the entire process: when push comes to shove and you can't find a piece of art that you have to have, find a way to make one that you won't be able to live without. It'll definitely be worth it!

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Modern Mama is a very regular mom who likes photography, home decor, food, and cute shoes. She can often be found teaching twenty four other kids when she's not surviving the three of her own. You can follow her on Instagram @Modern.Mama or her (also very new) Facebook page

And if you liked these pieces and would be interested in your own, custom wood signs, please visit the wonderful Samantha here She does great work!



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DIY Animal Silhouette Pictures


    The day my husband and I found out we were having a baby boy I was ecstatic and of course immediately went to town planning his nursery. I had already been looking around Pinterest since day one of my pregnancy. Come on, you know you did too! Dreaming and planning is half the fun right?!

     So I already knew that if we had a boy I wanted to do a jungle animal theme and then the color scheme just fell into place when I found the perfect bedding. I wanted to tie in the blue and green colors from the bedding into as many aspects of the room as I could. I think blue and green is a perfect color combination for a boy’s room.

    At first I thought about purchasing the animal prints online, but then I realized that I could make the pictures myself. I have always been a crafty person so why not put that talent to use when decorating my sons room. Plus my mom and a friend came down two months before my son was born to help me decorate the nursery and this is one of the projects that we did together. It was actually the first pieces of artwork we hung in our baby boy’s nursery so it holds a special place in my heart.  

   I decided that I wanted to make 6 different animals prints to hang on the wall: a giraffe, a lion, a turtle, an elephant, a monkey, and an alligator.  I found a set of 12x12 picture frames from Michaels that would work perfectly. And of course Michael’s always has coupons to use, so I got it 40% off.

    The best thing about craft projects is that you can get ideas from other people and then tailor them to your own needs. I hope that you can use my project as an inspiration to create something of your own.  If you would like help or just want to collaborate on an idea, please feel free to reach out to me and I would love to help you find the perfect project for your new nursery.    


Step 1: Decide on a theme for your prints.


I chose Jungle animals, but you could do anything. Here are a few other ideas: Under the sea animals for the bathroom, ballerinas and tutus for a little girl’s room, automobiles for a little boy’s room and flowers for a little girl’ room. The possibilities are endless!


Step 2: Gather supplies

  • Scrapbook paper (two per picture frame)

Choose coordinating patterns and colors for the scrapbook paper. I did 3 animals with a plain paper background and a patterned paper animal. And then did 3 animals with a patterned paper background and a plain paper animal.

  • Picture frames

I used picture frames that were 12 x12 to fit the scrapbook paper I was using but you can do smaller prints as well.

  • Scissors

  • Black Sharpie

  • Adhesive Tape

When doing projects I like to use scrapbooking adhesive tape or double sided tape instead of glue. It is just a personal preference when making crafts that I want to display for a long time; I don’t like the way the glue wrinkles the paper after it dries and how unforgiving it is for mistakes.

Step 3: Search online to find the silhouettes you like best and print them out.

If you would like to use the same animal prints that I used just click on the silhouette that you want (Monkey Silhouette, Lion Silhouette, Giraffe Silhouette, Elephant Silhouette, Turtle Silhouette and Alligator Silhouette) and print them out.

Step 4: Cut out the silhouettes and trace them onto your scrapbook paper.


Step 5: Cut out the animals from the scrapbook paper



Step 6: Adhere the animal print cutout to the coordinating scrapbook paper


Step 7: Outline the animal print with a black sharpie to help it stand out more


Step 8: Put everything together and frame



Step 9: Hang on the wall and enjoy your new artwork!


What’s awesome about these pictures is that they aren’t just used for decoration in my house; we have incorporated them into my son’s bedtime routine. Every night before my little one goes to sleep we say goodnight to all of the animals, sometimes several times. It is something that he loves to do and it makes my heart happy knowing that this craft project is being enjoyed everyday.


Meet Our Guest Blogger

Megan is a stay-at-home mom to a 1 ½ year old little boy. In less than a year she went from being a girl who just graduated college, to being a married woman, pregnant and living in a new state. She started blogging in hopes that through her stories other moms would realize that they are not alone in The World of Motherhood. In her Mommy Blog she shares real stories about her life as a stay-at-home mom…the good, the bad & the crazy!

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Interior Design 101: How to Improve Your Home with Modern Decor

Interior home decor has always been an important factor in designing ones home.  This is because homes are not just a roof over our heads, homes are places where people meet and relax, host guests and have family dinners. Many people today even work at home in home offices. As a result, homes have to be made into places that suit the people living there. Research has shown that the home environment plays a fundamental role in improving the quality of lives of residents. By simply enhancing ones home decor one can easily make a home more desirable. For example simple changes using color, lighting, furniture and other decorative accessories can change the entire ambiance of a room. 

With this in mind, it is simple to improve the overall look and feel of your home by focusing on a couple of important design elements.

Decide on purpose

Before you begin you should come up with a plan to achieve your new updated look. You will realize that each of the rooms in the house has specific requirements when it comes to decoration. For example, materials and decor items will differ significantly when decorating a kitchen versus a bedroom. Therefore, decide on what you what to achieve and then pursue it boldly. Above everything else, you should ensure there is style and comfort.

I find the best way to keep my ideas in order is to create pinterest boards for each room you plan to redecorate and keep each room's plan of action separate. This way you can check things off as they get completed. You can check out some fabulous DIY and Decor ideas on our pinterest boards. 


Decor is Everything

Obviously the big pieces of furniture make a big statement in any room, but the overall feng shui of a room is reliant on accessory choices. A fabulous sofa and coffee table is nothing without personalized decor that harmonizes the room and makes it feel like a home. The best way to keep decor personal is to start with the most personal type of decor, your photos. There is a place in every room (yes, even the bathroom) for a photo. 

Pictures are a hugely useful resource to use when selecting room decor. They can provide the room with a mood, a color scheme, and add just enough personal touch. Then there is the frame itself, picture frames are the statement pieces on the walls. The color choices, ornate trim styles and different shapes allow for so much versatility. You can accentuate a photo, a pieces of art, or even s piece of decor by framing it. With the vast amount of frame styles available today you can fit picture frames to every type of decor. This also makes picture frames the best item to use when bridging two styles that would not normally compliment one another. 

Consult a Professional

Interior design is an art that requires knowhow. There are so many elements that can be taken into consideration and in the end you want it all to come together to create a lasting impression Finding a balance to get all the items to coordinate is typically the most difficult part. If you have the resources talk to a professional interior designer, or if you have a simple design question talk to our friend over at Laura Leigh Designs - she offers an affordable way to ask a professional with $10 design questions! There is no better way to get a second opinion from an actual design professional! Also check out design publications or research on the internet for quick ideas, our blog is a great place to start if you are looking for diy decor tips

Thistle & Poppy also offers free design consultations for custom framing and wall arrangements. Simply send us an email @ info@thistleandpoppy.com or fill out our custom order form; include info about your design ideas, framing needs, and if you have one, a photo of the space we will be designing. We will work with you to design the perfect wall collection and provide sketches of your soon to be favorite picture frames right on your walls!

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