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A Lesson in Artwork: Choosing the Right Decor For Your Bedroom


In the movie The Break Up, Jennifer Aniston's character works in a gallery and advises a potential buyer to "never buy a piece of art you don't have to have." I couldn't agree more, and despite studying art a little, the pieces I have to have in my home are few and far between.  When it comes down to it, I like a lot, but I rarely LOVE.

Because of this, finding something to put above my husband's and my bed was a challenge.  I wanted something inviting. Cozy. Soft and soothing.  And not too feminine. (It is his bedroom too, after all!) With the cool blues we had, I found some floral canvases that would've looked great, but I never found anything that felt perfect. I didn't want something hung just because I liked it; I wanted to be drawn to it, especially if it was going to be such an important focal point. 

I began to think about what I wanted represented there, and went in a more symbolic direction.  It was our space. Intimate. Where we lay down every night, together. A comforting sanctuary to feel connected.  And then I thought about when we officially became a family, and possibly using something from our wedding. Not pictures of ourselves, but maybe our vows... Why not hang our vows? The idea stuck. Nothing would be more personal, and nothing felt more right. 

I'll spare you the first version of what went up on our wall as I painted the canvases myself. While they were far from what I really wanted, they did the trick for a while.  And my sweet husband even said he liked them. But honestly, what we both loved was what they meant to us, which is all that really mattered. Eventually, I splurged and had this professional version made--our promises to each other, hand painted on wood.  A memento from our life and how far we've come since we spoke those words; a happy reminder as we retreat into our space each night. 

And I do still look at them every time I walk into our bedroom, or even by it, for that matter. I can't help it; they're so meaningful. (And friends often notice too!) Maybe most importantly though, is what I'll always remember from the entire process: when push comes to shove and you can't find a piece of art that you have to have, find a way to make one that you won't be able to live without. It'll definitely be worth it!

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The Colors Duke! The Colors!

There are way too many places to begin with color. This is probably why they teach college courses about color. I know to most, those courses sound insane, I am pretty sure my father thought it was nuts when he funded nearly 2 years of courses that theorized over it. I mean once you know how to mix 'em what else is there?

I will try not to bore you here for too long, but I studied color for over 2 years in several courses that covered the sometimes tedious but overall most underlying important topics in art. Art school makes you learn a lot about boring crap that you think you know already. But they do force you to dig deeper into the topics and learn the history, its purpose, how it works, why it works, the effects of it, how to apply these ideas using modern methods, yadda yadda yadda. The list is never-ending in the art world and like in most art related topics, there are endless answers and ways of looking at things. 

So to start things off by confusing you, there is really no wrong answer with color and there is no wrong color for your picture frames. There are however, different effects and emotions that can be evoked by choosing certain colors and certain color combinations. Many of which can be unappealing or evoke sadness or vomiting - which to some could be interpreted as a wrong answer especially when selecting colors to go in your home. And you can choose colors that will not compliment the photos you are displaying. But just the same, you can choose colors that will utterly enhance your artwork, your home decor and the overall ambiance of your home!

When you think of the spectrum of colors that are used within homes, the many shades of poo brown and booger green that you would typically say 'no' to are actually quite popular in home decor and look fabulous just the same. Now finding the perfect colors to combine with the more popular term, 'earth tones', is the challenge! 

When choosing colors for picture frames and wall decor we typically have two suggestions that lie on either end of the spectrum. Once you give us an idea of where your taste lies we can better help design the perfect picture frames for you. 

If you want your pieces to really highlight and pop out from the room try choosing a bright color or complimentary colors. If you prefer things to be more monochromatic and blend with the rest of your decor we try to match colors using the color scheme you already have in play. Now there is wiggle room in the middle there too! You can choose subtle color highlights and add muted color patterns, etc. The options are endless, but once we know what style you are really looking to get out of you picture frames, it helps us custom design frames that will better suit you. 

Don't know where to start? Try messing around with some of our favorite online color tools:

follow us on pinterest and checkout our favorite color schemes and trending colors for the season:

With all these tools at our fingertips it makes it super easy to explore color, test combinations out and make better decisions when choosing colors for your picture frames and everything else in your life. Mister Leonardo Davinci would surely be jealous of us! 

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