Thrifty Thursday! Framing DIY Style - {Do it Yourself Decor Ideas}

Happy Thursday! We're going to get into our favorite topic today - Framing!  We thought it would be fun to explore some DIY wall decor ideas.  Let's update some of those old frames gathering dust in the closet and find out some other cool ways to up cycle and create fantastic new wall decor. 

I have always been a fan of mosaic furniture and decor, i love buying it and i love making it even more! There is nothing more fun than smashing up some glass or porcelain! I have made a number of mosaic items, they are a bit time consuming but well worth the fun and the final product. 

This mirror tray is a super idea for an easy and elegant piece of wall decor. You can simply find a tray from around your house or pick one up at your local thrift store (give it a layer of spray paint if it needs it). Break a mirror and bam! I would add grout in between the mirror pieces just to keep everything secure, but obviously it isn't totally necessary. This gal didn't do it and I still love the outcome. 


This mirror makes me ask myself so many questions! Why didn't I think of this? Why do I not have one of these in my house yet? and why am I not making these for ya'll?

I mean look how awesomely rustic this piece is! This frame is so simple yet stylish! And even better it can be made easily with probably the cheapest materials at your local lumber store! Everyone go out and make this frame and send us your photos! 


I get the most excited about ideas I have never seen before, and I have never even thought to make bookends! I think this idea is ingenious and adorable! And even better another easy way to incorporate your photos into your decor, but this time they are also functional! Nothing beats function! Actually what does beat function in this case, is how ridiculously easy these things are to make! 

Dust off some of those old frames rotting away in the 'frame graveyard' at the back of your closet. Give them a little paint love and a wee bit of engineering, and you have a custom and very stylish bookend! 

One of my favorite things to incorporate in and around my home is clothespins. For some reason they give me that rustic homey feel and I just love how useful they can be.

This new take on your standard bulletin board is just divine! Dust off another old frame from the closet because you are for sure going to want to whip up one of these! 

I love how graphic the twine makes this piece and how that mix of twine and clothespins fancifies your simple memo. 



One of our all time favorite frame designs (and one of our most affordable) is our solid wood clothespin frame. If you are into the rustic style, this might be the Thistle & Poppy Frame for you! Plus it allows you to switch your photos out as simply as our patented Snap Point Picture Frame!



Last,  but definitely not least! Its got to be a pallet project, right? Really, we just might have to compile an entire post about awesome things you can do with recycled pallets!

These pallet frames are adorably rustic! And let's face it, if you are on a budget, free materials are where its at! I love the natural finish of these and the natural flaws that come with using raw recycled materials. For a first time DIYer this is a great place to start! Those little blemishes or corners where the frame might not meet up perfect are actually the perfect imperfections that give these pieces that elegant shabby chic vibe. Check out this custom sign we made for a wedding. The bride had shabby chic wedding decor in mind. We repurposed found wood, hand painted the message and made the most fabulous sign for her elegant candy bar. 

That's all I have got for you today! There is plenty to frame and plenty to do yourself this week! I know I have some new framing plans on the agenda. 

And, if you are more of a virtual do it yourselfer, check out our frame designer. Custom design a picture frame yourself! You design it, we'll make it, that counts as DIY right? Happy Thursday! 

Check out more tips & tricks on how to decorate your home like a pro on our blog. 

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Another Wall Goes From Drab to Fab!

Anyone else have a place in their home they have completely neglected? I am completely guilty of leaving our master bedroom to the wayside because guests never make there way in there and we have other 'priority' rooms to decorate first. But when you think about it, why would you leave one of the most used rooms in your home barren? 

Well enough is enough, this prego is in full nesting mode which means this house is getting DIYified and will be looking fabulous in no time! 

This wall has been driving mad! We have this gorgeous dresser that has been completely lonely waiting years for the perfect piece of wall art or a mirror to hang above it. Rather than waiting to find the perfect vintage piece that is both super sized and fits our unique style, it was time to make something! Surprise Surprise, I decided to make an arrangement of my favorite Thistle & Poppy Picture Frames

An Easy Room Makeover! Our gorgeous Thistle & Poppy Photo Gallery Wall

An Easy Room Makeover! Our gorgeous Thistle & Poppy Photo Gallery Wall

It only took a little bit of planning and within an hour this wall was completely refinished!

The best way to figure out a wall like this is to lay it out beforehand. Check out our blog post on How to Arrange A Photo Gallery Wall for great tips on how to easily arrange items on the wall. I also planned my frame color scheme ahead of time. I went with a brown/neutral and blue/navy color scheme. The other walls in this room match the blue in the frames and we have some fun orange textured curtains, so the neutrals paired nicely. 

I selected a nice assortment of frames, starting with the large traditional open back frame in a custom blossom shape. From there, I arranged everything using that as a focal point. I selected a variety of picture frames with a variety of styles, including shaped frames, beveled frames, printed frames, distressed traditional frames, and even a couple ikea frames we had lying around! I think the mixture of old and new styles, creates a very modern look that is both stylish and gives a warm cottage chic feel. 

The only other step in creating this arrangement was creating a balance. You will notice that the printed frames are scattered throughout the arrangement, helping move your eye across the wall. The same concept is what I used for the shaped picture frames. The main focus in creating a wall arrangement like this is to maintain a balance, keep from putting too many of any shape or color in just one area. It is important to create a flow so your eye can easily move across the wall. 

Need help designing an awesome photo wall for your empty wall space? Talk to us! Fill out a custom order form or shoot us an email at with a photo of the wall you want to design! Include any details you want us to know, color ideas, your style, favorite frame styles, whatever! We would love to work with you on a customized wall arrangement. Our design service is totally free and we will use your photos to help you visualize the frames, to scale, on your walls! Hit us up! Lets start framing!

3 Easy Tips For Arranging Your Wallspace

Want to create a photo-gallery wall of your most cherished family moments, but you’re hung up on how? Here are some of our favorite tips to bring things in focus and make this process completely painless!

Make a plan. 
When creating wall arrangements, this is one of those situations where less is definitely more. Pick only the best photos, making sure they’re clear, bright and cheerful. Keep in mind that an odd number of photos generally looks best. So does the right spacing. Plan for 2 inches apart for lots of photos in a small space, and no more than 6 inches for fewer photos on a larger surface.

Make a layout. 
Rather than taking to your wall with a hammer (especially if you are indecisive like me) the best way is to grab two things - masking tape and an old newspaper. Cut out the newspaper in the size frames that you have, and start playing! The joy of this is method is there is plenty of room to change your mind and rearrange to find the perfect fit! 

You can write on the newspaper or tape your photo right on there, to get an idea of which photo will be placed where. Then, start with the picture you most want to feature in the center and work your way out. Then hammer in your hanging nail 1 inch below.

wall arrangement by thistle & poppy

Make it personal. 
There are so many ways to make a gallery your own, for example, give your gallery character with a pop of color. Or mix and match frame styles by including traditional framing with cool whimsical shaped frames. You can also personalize it by adding favorite mementos, or other items like your family's initials or monogram. Start here, with our custom frame designer. Our designer is perfect for visualizing colors and a great way to pick out unique shaped frames

Once you break it down, it becomes a much easier task to complete! Now go gallery wall crazy in you living room, nursery, foyer, EVERYWHERE!

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