Basics in Picture Framing

What's so special about picture frames?
Picture frames are a great way to display your snapshots, professional portraits and artwork. Not only do picture frames  archive your photos and keep them safe from environmental elements - they also double as a form of furniture. A room is not complete with bare empty walls. The benefit of choosing Thistle & Poppy picture frames is that you can actually design picture frames to compliment your home decor. 

Why is color important?
Color is a huge factor when it comes to framing photos. This is a major factor in all forms of photo framing from traditional framing to the most modern picture frames. Choosing the right color in imperative to both your photos and your decor. You want to choose a color that compliments the color schemes in your home while also choosing colors that will highlight your photos. I mean the whole reason you are framing your pictures is to show them off, right? You don't want to select frames that will camouflage or take away from your portraits. If you don't think you know what colors will best suit your photos or home we are here to help! Send us an email with the pictures you plan to hang and a shot of the room they will be displayed in. We specialize in custom wall hangings and can select a color scheme that will best suit your interior. 

Who would have thought? Size does matter!
It has always been rumored that size matter. Well in the world of framing - SIZE MATTERS! Depending on your wall space the size of your frame is crucial. You don't want to have a tiny frame all alone in a vast empty wall space, just that same as you don't want an enormous frame overpowering the space. Just like goldilocks, everyone wants a frame that is 'just right'! Thistle & Poppy has the tools to do this for you. If you don't know what size will best fit your home - tape a 8.5x11" inch piece of paper on your wall, then snap a photo of  the wall straight on (we recommend including as much of the room as possible so you can see the results best) Then send it to us in an email and tell us any info about the frame styles you are interested in, trims, colors, etc. Then we will hit you back with your image with our frames displayed on your walls. Virtual designing is awesome! This way you can see what the picture frame(s) will look like in your room before you buy and we will have a definitive answer on what size is just right for you.  

Mix and match or just mix?  
Gone are the days of boring picture frames. Okay, those days aren't gone completely - we still have tons of traditional art gallery style frames around our home - and we make those too. But, if you are hip with the times and looking for a way to really bring your wall space to life, there a a tons of framing options to make that happen! Pick pre-made designs from our shop or create your own custom designs. You don't have to choose just one style. One of the exciting things about today's picture framing is that you don't have to keep everything the same. Choose a frame with a print, or a custom shape, or both! Wall groupings are often more interesting when you use multiple styles and colors.  

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