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Thistle & Poppy's Snap Point Picture Frames Now Featured On The Grommet

To Say the Thistle & Poppy team has been busy is the understatement of the century! If you follow us on Instagram you know what we've been up to, we have been working like crazy to expand our little brand. In our efforts to do this we FINALLY moved out of the garage and opened a 10,000 sqft facility in Bradenton, FL! There we will finally be able to produce the additional styles and sizes all of you have been requesting! (YAY!) And now we are so excited to announce some more big news!

DESIGN YOUR OWN! Our virtual frame designer makes designing a snap! Sort through base shapes, trim styles, and colors to find your perfect combination. Upload your own photos and see exactly how it will look, photo and all! Custom Framing Made Simple!  #yourewelcome


Our virtual frame designer makes designing a snap! Sort through base shapes, trim styles, and colors to find your perfect combination. Upload your own photos and see exactly how it will look, photo and all!

Custom Framing Made Simple! 

Thistle & Poppy is launching on the Grommet

If you are not familiar with The Grommet, go check it out, they have an amazing collection of truly unique products; and they have launched some major brands including Alex and Ani, Fitbit, Otterbox, SodaStream and many others. (Yes, that is total reason to jump for joy and get excited!!) Since 2008, The Grommet has featured “products with purpose and people with stories.” Of more than 60,000 independent-maker products reviewed and tested by The Grommet, less than three percent are selected - and Thistle & Poppy is one of them, excuse us as we toot our proverbial horn for a moment!

Come check out our video and feel free to have a chat with me on the comment board. We will be on from 10-6 today answering all of your snaptastic questions! Thanks everyone for your support in helping our brand grow! 

Amazingly EASY Halloween Decor

As a candy addict, Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays of my year. I love Halloween! I have a million amazing memories of this wonderful holiday, from pillowcases overflowing with candy, running from house to house with all my friends, having the coolest costumes ever... literally (thanks mom!).

And as a mom I want to give my kids the same experiences and enthusiasm towards this holiday! But lets be real here, who has the time to do the work!?

I totally give my mom props, I have no clue how she managed to sew 3 kid's costumes every year, all while decking the house out, making baked goods for our classes, running the brownie troop, working as the room mom and god only knows what else she was involved in! I like to think I am a super mom too, but honestly, running this business and keeping my house somewhat clean is a struggle for me! 

So to get the most bang for our buck, or really, the most with the least amount of effort and time! I have compiled my favorite effortless halloween decor options! Lets get spooky!

Kicking it off with the season's best candy! These candy corns are adorable and easy to make! 

After living in Florida for 8 years, carving pumpkins is a sure way to have your pumpkin rot in days, possibly even hours depending on temperatures! So I love finding alternative ways to decorate pumpkins so they will look nice and keep throughout the season. I am loving these bedazzled pumpkins! Festive and tasteful!

Obviously I am a big fan of these amazing picture frames! What I love about these is what our friend over at The Unique Nest did with her frames. Taking festive scrapbook paper and simply framing it using our unique magnetic framing system is literally the easiest decor idea I have ever seen! And it looks super amazing too! Can we say #effortless!? Build your own customizable picture frame here and easily change it to fit every holiday!


Since I have been saving wine corks for years so some day I can make an actual cork board, this project is perfect since I have all the supplies! And if I don't have enough, it is an excuse to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine... or two... or three!


And these cats! They are just to cute not to make! A couple pieces of scrap wood and you have the whole posse!

And you have to check out the link for these bats! These are too cute and this is definitely a project you can make with the kids. 

And lastly, and most certainly the easiest. Check out these awesome FREE Halloween printables. Whether you are framing it into one of our easy to use magnetic picture frames, or framing in something you have lying around at home, these printable are an extremely easy way to make your decor match the season!


So get to decorating! Use these easy to do Halloween decorating ideas and the time you save, you can redirect to the more difficult task.... the costumes!

Happy Halloween!!

DIY Hanging Letters

By Megan, The World of Motherhood

I loved decorating my little boy’s nursery. My favorite part was making the decorations myself. DIY projects are more fun to me then just going to store and buying premade decorations.  

In this DIY project, my goal was to display my son’s name above his crib.  I have seen this done many ways, from wood blocks to actually painting the wall.  With my husband and I renting an apartment at the time, the challenge was to create a clever way to display the decoration but not leave marks on the wall.  I discovered an easy and inexpensive way to do it with cardboard! So can you, just follow these simple steps and you will be able to make your own Hanging Letters!

Step 1: Decide On A Color Scheme

I went with a combination of blue and green because it matched the bedding for the crib. Plus I already had the Animal Silhouette Pictures in green and blue hanging on the wall in the nursery.


Step 2: Gather Supplies

  • Plain Letters to spell out your child’s name

I chose cardboard block letters because they were lightweight and inexpensive, but wooden letters would work great too. These can be purchased at Michael’s, Jo-Ann Fabrics, or A.C. Moore.

  • Ribbon

I chose blue ribbon with green stitching on the edges

  • Paint

I chose kelly green

  • Foam tip paintbrush

  • Hot Glue Gun


Step 3: Paint Each Letter

You only need to paint the front and the sides of the letter because the back will be facing the wall once it’s hung.


Step 4: Cut Ribbon for each letter

Make sure you cut all of the ribbon to be the same length so they will hang evenly on the wall.


Step 5: Hot Glue each end of the ribbon onto the back of the letter


Step 6: Add a bow

Using a separate piece of ribbon tie a bow at center of the ribbon you just glued to the letters.  By using a separate piece of ribbon allows you the freedom to make you bow the size that you would like and trim up the end without having to worry about it affecting the length that your letters will hang.


Step 7: Hang letters on the wall

Since my letters were light I was able to use small clear command hooks, but if you’ve chosen wooden letter they will need something sturdier like a nail.

Meet Our Guest Blogger

Megan is a stay-at-home mom to a 1 ½ year old little boy. In less than a year she went from being a girl who just graduated college, to being a married woman, pregnant and living in a new state. She started blogging in hopes that through her stories other moms would realize that they are not alone in The World of Motherhood. In her Mommy Blog she shares real stories about her life as a stay-at-home mom…the good, the bad & the crazy!

Check out more from Megan at The World of Motherhood

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