Thrifty Thursday! A First Attempt at a Faux Bois Finish

 walked into The Home Depot last week to find all (YES ALL!) of the Martha Stewart products were off the shelves, no longer being carried and put on clearance! After I collected myself and wiped away the tears I discovered a slight sliver lining - all of those cool Martha tools I have always wanted to try were uber cheap!


 I picked up a wood grain rocker, and DIYing I went. I have never tried this type of finish before but after a little youtubing and some practice, I am pretty impressed with what this little thing can do! 

The rocker can do a few things including some basic stripes, but it is intended to make a faux bois finish. And if you are like me. two things are going through your mind - how french and fancy! and what the eff is faux bois?? defines it as French for "false wood," faux bois is a fitting name for items that appear plucked from the forest but are actually made of cast stone, cast iron, or cement, or are painted to have a woodsy look. Although earthy and rustic, faux bois makes a splendid match for polished pieces. 

So after i finished making a huge mess attempting to figure out how to use this thing without directions, I turned to youtube. This video explains it the technique in seconds! 

This is the end result! Amazing right!? Although, this was not my end result, but I think I did pretty well for a first round attempt. 

Here are some shots of the picture frames I reworked with my new found technique. If I can perfect this you will  be sure to find some specialty finished frames in the featured frame section of our shop! I think they came out pretty cool, and with some smart color choices this look could really make a piece fabulous! I am thinking some gold faux bois might fit perfect with the guest room redesign we are working on! Now that sounds fancy! 

photo 1.JPG
photo 5.JPG

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