Thrifty Thursday! {DIY Home Decor} Painting Techniques & Vintage Finishes

Hello Hello and Happy Thursday!

One of the best things about vintage and antique furniture is the natural patina and unparalleled decayed finishes that only time can create. But my question is, is time the only way to create that unique finish? The answer is Hell to the No! There are tons of ways to create those elegant antique finishes!

This Thrifty Thursday we have compiled a whole bunch of awesome ways to easily transform your furniture with a variety of ever popular vintage finishes! I can't wait to get my hands dirty with some of these! click the photos to link to the tutorials

The ever popular crackle technique gives any boring piece an awesome finish. Check out this DIY method, it creates a much more natural looking crackle than what you will find premixed in a can. 

This chippy finish is a little more refined than the milk paint version. While you still get that vintage look, the actual finish is smooth and clean. A super easy painting technique that everyone should learn! 

Check out this amazing furniture refinishing tutorial. It covers the whole process step by step, from the type of paint/primer she uses, to mixing your own paints, all while finishing the edges and protecting your hard work with waxes and shoe polish! Genius!

The chipped milk paint finish is amazing! This is the best technique I have found to truly give you that chipped antique finish. But beware, working with milk paint can be very unpredictable!

Love Love Love this tutorial! Especially since this is THRIFTY Thursday! I love nothing more than trying out all different sorts of paint products, but if you have ever ventured into an art supply store, hobby shop or even a big box hardware store - you know the paint, brushes, waxes and finishes add up and it doesn't always end up being a cheap or even affordable venture! So I was super stoked when I stumbled upon a recipe for chalk paint, and chances are if you are even a little bit crafty you have all of the whopping THREE ingredients needed to make it! I promise you will have fun with this one! Nothing beats the gorgeous creamy finish of chalk paint!

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