About Us

Thistle & Poppy was formed by Christie and Jens Frankenstein, a husband and wife team - similar to peanut butter and jelly, oil and vinegar, beer and bratwurst - you get the picture. These two work on very opposite ends of the spectrum but when you mix the two the sky opens up and rainbows and unicorns appear. 

Christie, the beauty and brains behind the frame, graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design with a bachelor's in photography. Prior to branching out as an independent designer, Christie began her career as a portrait photographer, and from her experience there she discovered a passion for finding creative ways to display her work. As well as a huge demand for custom framing from her clients.  This was how the Thistle & Poppy seed was planted. 

Jens is the brawn of the two - no wait, that's a lie, Christie is, she does 99% of the woodworking labor and has huge guns because of it. Jens is the brains and if he gives into the mutton chops Christie has been requesting then we can give him a beauty credit, but for now, just brains. Anyway, to rephrase, Jens' giant head full of brains was able to make the dream happen. He somehow, with no help from his lovely wife (who is obviously writing this and still has no clue how one's brain can fathom many of the concepts he pitches) Jens built her a CNC machine which would make all of crazy shaped ideas come true! Now with the power of endless possibilities, Jens made it possible for his arty farty wife to dream, design and make it all come true in real life - just as long as the dream is made of wood. 

Thus Thistle & Poppy was born! Our primary focus is finding new and creative ways to display photography. Although we definitely like to dabble around and get creative, so don't be surprised when new wall concepts, photo props and other home decor items pop in the shop. Our most recent invention the Snap Point Picture Frame is our most exciting creative brain child. Be sure to check out this new patented product, it is probably going to blow you mind and change the way you frame photos forever!

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